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The Yan Style - Yan Zhenqing

Posted by China Online Museum on Sunday, October 11, 2009, In : Calligraphy 

       Yan Zhenqing (颜真卿, 709–785) was a leading Chinese calligrapher and a loyal governor of the Tang Dynasty. His artistic accomplishment in Chinese calligraphy parallels the greatest master calligraphers throughout the history. His “Yan style” of the Regular Script is the textbook-style that most calligraphy beginners imitate today. The “Yan style”, which brought Chinese calligraphy to a new realm, emphasizes on strength, boldness and grandness. Like most of the master call...

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The Crazy Zhang and the Drunk Su

Posted by China Online Museum on Sunday, May 31, 2009, In : Calligraphy 
“The crazy Zhang and the drunk Su (颠张醉素)” is used to refer to Zhang Xu (张旭) and Huai Su (怀素), the two most famous cursive-style calligraphers in Chinese history. Both of them lived during the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

Their works have been updated. Enjoy!
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