Huang Daozhou

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       Huang Daozhou (黃道周, 1585-1646) was a Chinese calligrapher, scholar and official the Ming Dynasty. His courtesy name was Youxuan, or Youping (幼玄, 或幼平) and posthumous name Zhonglie (忠烈).

       Huang obtained the degree of Jinshi (presented scholar, 進士) in 1622. Since then, he held various government positions, including the Minister for Education (禮部尚書). He was known for providing candid advice to the emperors. This made him very unpopular with Emperor Chongzhen (崇禎). As a result, Huang was demoted and even sent to prison.

       In his late years, he volunteered to fight the Manchurian invasion. He was captured and, refusing to surrender, killed by the Manchurian army.

       Huang Daozhou is regarded as one of the most creative calligraphers of the Ming Dynasty.

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