Wang Chong - Ming Dynasty

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       Wang Chong (王寵, 1494-1533), style names Lüren (履仁) and Lüji (履吉), sobriquet Yayi shanren (雅宜山人), was a native of Suzhou. He was the son of the merchant Wang Zhen (王貞), who also collected antiquities as well as painting and calligraphy. Influenced by his father, Wang Chong studied with his brother under Wen Zhengming (文徵明, 1470-1559) and Cai Yu (蔡羽, ?-1541), excelling at poetry and prose. His calligraphy followed the style of Wang Xianzhi (王獻之, 344-386) and Yu Shinan (虞世南, 558-638). Wang Chong is known along with Zhu Yunming (祝允明, 1460-1526) and Wen Zhengming as one of the "Three Talents of Suzhou (吳中三家)."