Chenghua Chicken Cup

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       The term "Chenghua Chicken Cup" denotes a tiny porcelain wine cup painted in doucai (contending colors) with cocks, hens and chicks, and for centuries evoked for connoisseurs of Chinese porcelain – imperial and otherwise – one of the most desirable possessions. Created in the Chenghua reign (1465–87), when quality was at its peak and quantities produced at their lowest, chicken cups are outstanding in their tactile material, their wide range of colors, and their charming, unmannered painting style.

       There are only 17 reported genuine cups worldwide, most of which reside in museums. On April 8, 2014, one of these cups was sold at Sotheby's in Hong Kong for HK$281.24 million (US$36.05 million).

       Media coverage: Sotheby's, CNN, Reuters.


Replica, Pair of Chenghua Chicken Cups ($398)

Approximate Size - Diameter: 81mm, Height: 38mm.
Hand crafted. Size and color may vary slightly.