Chen Chun - Ming Dynasty

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       Chen Chun (陳淳, 1483-1544) was born into a wealthy family of scholar-officials in Suzhou (蘇州). His courtesy names were Daofu (道復) and then Fufu (復甫). His pseudonyms were Baiyang (白陽) and Baiyang Shanren (白陽山人).

       Chen Chun was a student of Wen Zhengming (文徵明). He was another painter after Shen Zhou (沈周) and Tang Yin (唐寅) who made significant contributions to “flower and bird” painting. In addition, he developed a more free style of "ink and wash" paintings. Wen Zhengming once made a joke that Chen “had his own techniques and therefore not my student.” After mid-age, Chen Chun also did many landscapes. He was a famous painter associated with the Wu School of literati painting in the Suzhou area. 

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