Feng Zikai

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       Feng Zikai (豐子愷, 1898-1975) was a Chinese painter and cartoonist - he graduated from the famous Hangzhou High School.

       Born in the Tongxiang (桐鄉) Prefecture of Zhejiang Province, Feng Zikai was a contemporary painter, writer and music teacher. In his early years, he was taught by the accomplished Li Shutong (李叔同). In 1921, Feng travelled to Japan to further his studies. After he returned to China, he taught art and music in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Chongqing respectively, and became the editor of Kaiming Publishing House (上海開明書店).

       Feng wrote extensively on various topics, including literature, painting, music, translation and calligraphy. Among Feng’s numerous creations, his most famous works include short essay collections, such as Yuan-Yuan Tang Sui Bi (緣緣堂隨筆), Yuan-Yuan Tang Zai Bi (緣緣堂再筆), Chexiang Shehui (車廂社會), and Shuai Zhen Ji (率真集); cartoon collections, like Zikai Cartoons (子愷畫集), Children’s Cartoons (兒童漫畫); and translated works from Russian and Japanese, including the Diary of a Hunter (獵人筆記) and the Tale of Genji (源氏物語).

       The Feng Zikai Chinese Children's Picture Book Award, launched in 2009 to promote Chinese children's picture books, is named in honor of the artist.

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