Lan Ying - Ming Dynasty

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       Lan Ying (藍瑛, ca.1585-1664), style name Tianshu (田叔), was a Chinese painter of landscapes, human figures, flowers and birds who was active during the late Ming dynasty (1368–1644).

       Lan Ying was born in Qiantang (modern Hangzhou) and spent most of his early life there. One of his pseudonyms was Xihu Waishi (西湖外史, Unofficial Historian of the West Lake), referring to the city's famous lake. He was classified by Chinese art critics as the last of the professional painters working in the tradition of the Zhe School, a lineage that began with Dai Jin (戴進). However, Lan Ying also drew his inspiration from the literati tradition, studying the works of Yuan painters such as Huang Gongwang (黃公望) and masters of the Wu School such as Shen Zhou (沈周), developing an elegant and eclectic style.

Artworks by Lan Ying