Li Gonglin - Song Dynasty

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       Li Gonglin (李公麟, 1049–1106) was a Chinese painter, civil officer and archaeologist in the Northern Song Dynasty. His courtesy name is Boshi (伯時) and pseudonym Longmian Jushi (Resident of Sleeping Dragon, 龍眠居士).

       Born into a scholarly home near what is modern day Lu'an City in Anhui, Li Gonglin passed the highest level of civil service examinations at twenty-one and became a civil officer. He was particularly famous for his painting of horses, and also noted for his Buddhism and Taoism religious painting, as well as portrait and landscape painting. His painting style was attributed to that of Gu Kaizhi (顧愷之) of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Li Gonglin also made archaeological contributions in the areas of copperware and jade seal dated between the Xia Dynasty and the Zhou Dynasty.

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