Lü Ji Paintings

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       Lü Ji (呂紀, fl. ca. 1439-1505), style name Tingzhen (廷振) and sobriquet Leyu (樂愚), was a native of Ningbo in Zhejiang. He initially studied the bird-and-flower style of the early Ming painter Bian Wenjin (邊文進, fl. 1403-1428), and later followed the manners of the old masters, eventually becoming a master in his own right. By combining the “fine-line” and “sketching ideas” techniques, he was able to create a multifaceted style all his own. In the Hongzhi era (弘治, 1488-1505), during the middle Ming, Lü Ji was a famous court painter at the Renzhi Hall (仁智殿) and was also provided with a sinecure post in the Imperial Bodyguard.

Artworks by Lü Ji: