Wang Mian - Yuan Dynasty

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       Wang Mian (王冕, ca.1287-1359) was a Chinese painter of plums during the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368).

       Wang Mian was born in Zhuji (諸暨), Zhejiang province. His style name was Yuanzhang (元章) and his sobriquets were Zhushi Shannong (煮石山農), Fangniu Weng (放牛翁), and Meihua Wuzhu (梅花屋主). 

       Wang Mian developed his own distinct style of painting plum blossoms that was very bold and vigorous. A few of his plum paintings have survived, which are now in the collections of the National Palace Museum in Taipei and Shanghai Museum.

Wang Mian's Plum Painting Gallery: