Wu Li - Qing Dynasty

       Wu Li (吳歷, 1632-1718, style name Yushan 漁山, sobriquet Mojing daoren 墨井道人) was a native of Changshu, Jiangsu. He and Wang Hui (王翬, 1632-1717) were both students of Wang Jian (王鑑, 1598-1677) and Wang Shimin (王時敏, 1592–1680). These four artists are often grouped along with Wang Yuanqi (王原祁, 1642–1715) and Yun Shouping (惲壽平, 1633-1690) as "The Six Masters of the Early Qing," or as "The Four Wangs, Wu, and Yun." His rich yet fine style was closest to that of Wang Jian, and, in his search for the masters, he was particularly influenced by the manners of Wang Meng (王蒙, 1308-1385) and Wu Zhen (吳鎮, 1280-1354). After 1679, however, Wu Li converted to Christianity and later entered the Jesuit order. He was ordained in Macao in 1688 and devoted the rest of his life to missionary activities in Jiangsu and Shanghai.

Artworks by Wu Li